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Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

    - Farm Pickup

    (Please call ahead for all sod orders)

14 In Stock Grass Seed Mixes including:

    - NE Ohio Mixture

    - Shady Mixture

    - No-Mow Grass Mix

    - Sod True Blue Blend

      (We also custom mix grass seed)

Numerous Turf and Nursery Fertilizers including:

    - Combination products with Weed Killers, Insect Control

    - Organic Fertilizers (Including Corn Gluten meal)

    - Starter Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners


- Herbicides including concentrates and ready to use


- Soil conditioners including bagged compost, lime and gypsum


- Erosion control including straw mats and hydroseeding supplies

- Wildflower Seed, Crown Vetch and Birdsfoot Trefoil