Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much area does a roll of sod cover?

A: Our sod is cut 6 ft long by 18 in wide; equal to 1 sq yd or 9 sq ft.

Q: How much sod do I need?

A: The easiest way to measure how much you need is to measure the area in sq ft (length x width) and divide by 9.

     for example: 10 ft wide by 9 ft long = 90 sq ft ÷ 9 = 10 sq yds or 10 rolls of sod.

Q: What type of sod do you carry?

A: All of our sod is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. We select the best varieties available. Our sod will do best in full sun to          half day sun/ half day shade situations.            

Q: What preparations are needed for sod?

A: Loosen soil to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, remove any stones or debris, lightly apply starter fertilizer to soil.

Q: Any sod care tips?

A: When laying sod, the three most important things to remember are:

1) Purchase the sod and install it the same day if possible. Sod that remains rolled or on the pallet too long can become damaged.

2) Install sod in "brick" pattern staggering the seams. Starting against a straight edge (sidewalk or driveway) works best. Cut the sod with almost any tool that is sharp.

3) Water the sod immediately after installation. Water until the top 2 to 3 inches of soil under the sod is completely saturated. Continue to apply water so that the sod and soil remain saturated for two weeks. As the sod becomes rooted, watering can be gradually decreased.